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Tucking FAQ

Tucking FAQ

Tucking Questions and Answers

Do you have instructions or a guide on how to tuck?

Our Tucking Instructions offer an extensive, step-by-step guide on how to tuck. This guide also offers a number of tips and tricks to help you best tuck yourself!

What are tucking tapes?

Tucking Tapes are custom shaped tapes designed for trans women to hold their private parts in place. This creates a flat crotch, which looks great in any outfit.

What comes in a Tuck Yourself Tucking Kit?

Each Tuck Yourself Tucking Kit comes with 10 tucking tapes, 10 protective tubular gauzes, and a set of instructions to help you tuck yourself.

What is tubular gauze?

Tubular gauze is often used as wound dressing for fingers and toes. This protective dressing comfortably fits around private parts, allowing trans women to easily apply tucking tape. This makes for a much more comfortable tape removal than standard square gauze.

Is tucking comfortable?

Tucking may feel uncomfortable at first, but after a few minutes, many will find tucking comfortable and pain free.

Can I using tucking tape with sensitive skin?

Our tapes are designed to give you the best tucking experience. The latex free, breathable tape is ideal for the most sensitive skin. Tuck Yourself tucking tapes are 30% stretchy to provide the perfect balance of comfort and support. Our protective tubular gauze keeps your most sensitive parts safe from the tape adhesive.

Does removing tucking tape hurt?

Removing Tucking Tape will hurt as much as removing any other tape from your skin. The protective tubular gauze will prevent your most sensitive skin from sticking to the tape adhesive. Well trimmed hair will provide more a more comfortable removal as well.

Do I need to shave before applying tucking tape?

A clean shave is not necessary for while applying tucking tape. However, well trimmed hair helps tucking tape adhere to your skin longer and snugger. Well trimmed hair will also provide you a more comfortable removal.

How do I use the bathroom while tucked with tucking tape?

Begin by pulling on the back of the tucking tape until the tubular gauze is free from your skin. Carefully remove yourself from the tubular gauze, then take care of your business. When finished, slip yourself back into the tubular gauze, then reapply the tucking tape. Although our tape can reapplied, we suggest applying fresh tape for best results.

Can I swim while tucking with tape?

Tuck Yourself tucking tape is water resistant for short swims. Tape adhesion may diminish over long swims, so be sure to pack extra tape for longer beach days.

Can I exercise while tucking with tape?

Our tape should hold fast during light exercise. Heavier activities may become uncomfortable, depending on the activity.

How long can I stay tucked?

The tape adhesive can last for well over 24 hours. However, we suggest you remove our tucking tape while sleeping.

Are there any health concerns while tucking?

Any kind of tucking may affect your fertility. It is recommend that you talk to your doctor before tucking.

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