Tuck Yourself
Tucking Instructions

Tucking Instructions

How To Tuck with Tuck Yourself Tucking Kit

There are numerous ways to tuck for drag, but most of them involve pushing the testicals upwards, and into the abdominal cavity. Biological males are born with undescended testicles, and by 9 months old, the testicles descend via the inguinal canal. Even as adults, the testicals can usually be manipulated back into the the abdominal cavity with minimal discomfort. From there, everything else is pulled tightly back, towards the buttocks. Typically, the tuck is secured with tape, or a supportive garment called a “gaff”. Tucking tape provides an extremely flat tuck and maximum security. For this reason, tucking tape is very popular amongst drag performers. It is also a natural choice for swim suits, leggings, and other form-fitting attire. In contrast, many crossdressers prefer the convenience and comfort of a gaff, especially when wearing paired with less revealing outfits.

Step By Step Tucking Guide

Step 1: Tubular Gauze

Cover the scepter with a piece of tubular gauze. Twist the free end so as to close the tubular gauze at the tip of the scepter, then roll the remaining tubular gauze back down over the shaft.

Massage the tubular gauze lengthwise for a more snug fit.

Step 2: Start The Tape

Remove the first inch of tape backing paper and apply the tucking tape to the pubic region.

Start 1″ to 2″ above the base of your shaft, and press the tape firmly to establish strong adhesion.

Step 3: Time To Tuck!

Use your fingertips to guide the testicles upward into the abdominal cavity (explained below). Then pull the shaft and loose skin rearward, toward the buttocks.

Reach around from behind, and hold everything in place with one hand.

Step 4: Apply More Tape

Use your free hand to remove a bit more backing paper, and apply more tape.

Work from front to rear, keeping the tape taught for a tight tuck.

Step 5: Finish Taping

Pull the tail toward the small of your back and gently adhere tape to your skin. Remember to keep the tubular gauze securely under the tucking tape.

Tuck Yourself!

More Tucking Tips

  • When is the best time to apply tucking tape? Many find tucking easiest just after taking a shower after you have fully dried your skin. Be sure to keep your skin free of oil, lotions, or creams to insure a proper bond with the tape.
  • How long should I wait after tucking? You are free to begin moving around after tucking. However, we suggest waiting at least half an hour before doing any strenuous activity to ensure the tape remains in place.
  • Do you need to shave before tucking? You will not need to be clean shaven to tuck with tucking tape. However, you will have best success if you trim your hair down to approximately 1/16th of an inch. Trimming your hair will create a more secure bond with the tape, as well as making removal easier.
  • Will tucking tape effect sensitive skin? Our tape is latex-free for sensitive skin. If you have doubts, we suggest you apply a small section of tape to a small area of skin before applying a full piece of tape.
  • Does tucking hurt? Some may find tucking uncomfortable at first but will usually become comfortable in time. You experience should not be painful. If you are experiencing pain, we suggest removing the tape, adjusting, and attempting to apply a new set of tape. Talk to your doctor if you continue to experience major discomfort.
  • Can I swim while tucking? Tuck Yourself tucking tape is water resistant for short swims. Tape adhesion may diminish over long swims, so be sure to pack extra tape for longer beach days.
  • Can I exercise while tucking? Our tape should hold fast during light exercise. Heavier activities may become uncomfortable, depending on the activity.
  • How do I use the bathroom while tucking? Slowly unpeel a small portion of the tape starting from the back, moving forward. Be sure to keep the tape from twisting or sticking to itself while you peel. Unpeel as much as you need to take care of business. Once you are finished, reapply the tape in the same place as before. Many will find they can reapply the tape at least one time.
  • How do I best remove tucking tape? Unpeel the tape slowly when removing. We suggest unpeeling the back initially, followed by unpeeling the front. The best technique will depend on the individual.
  • What personal care is needed after tucking? If tape adhesive is left behind on your skin after tucking, you can simply use soap and water to scrub off the skin safe adhesive.

How To Tuck For Drag

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